29 Week Update

photo 1

The Baby:

He’s now the size of a butternut squash. That’s crazy right? It seems so big, but he’s got a lot more weight to gain over the next 11 weeks.

I went in for an ultrasound last week and the tech switched it over to 4D for a while. I know the images always look weird and squishy but it was so cool to get to see his little face! He’s already getting chubby cheeks.

photo 2


I’m really starting to feel like my belly is huge, and it’s hard to imagine how much larger it’s going to get. The third trimester has brought some fatigue but I’m trying not be hard on myself about how much sleep I need. Last week I went to bed at 9PM twice. Whatever, I’m making a human.

I also had to turn down a business trip to Calgary, since my doctor recommended I not fly internationally. I’m also starting to take a look at what’s happening around my due date and realizing what I may/may not get to do (like go to Jazzfest in New Orleans again). Of course, they aren’t huge sacrifices and it’s really a short time frame in the scheme of things but it is a bit hard to be told I can’t actually do certain things now. (I mean, I’ve been unable to drink margaritas this whole time but that’s a different kind of hard)


Ice cream. Lots of ice cream. I think this might be my body needing more calcium. Yogurt and almond milk is fine, but let’s be real, ice cream is more fun. Also, at the beginning of the pregnancy I really wanted fruit and that’s pretty much switched to chocolate.


The third trimester has also brought lots of list making and taking care of practical things. Daycare has been taken care of, but we’ve now found a pediatrician and are taking a closer looks at finances for when I go on leave.

I’ve also decided list making helps me feel less anxious, so I’ve got lots of lists now – what to pack in a hospital bag, important numbers on the fridge, things I need to do before he gets here, etc.


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