Easy Cake Cookies

I made these cookies for New Year’s Eve and I really forgot how yummy they were. I made two batches from a box cake mix.

photo 3

Instead of the normal instructions you add 2 eggs and a half cup of oil.  Then you roll them into balls like cookies, and bake them at 350 for 9-12 minutes. The beauty in this is that it’s really easy to different flavors, because you can make it from any box mix.

For this particular occasion I made chocolate cookies (pictured) and then used frosting to make them sandwich cookies. This would also be amazing with red velvet.

I also used a box of lemon cake mix, and rolled them in powder sugar before I baked them. You could just sprinkle it on after but I felt like this was less messy.

I had a friend in college that introduced me to this, and his standby was a yellow cake with peanut butter M&Ms. See? The possibilities are endless. And this is the kind of thing that when you show up places with them people are really impressed – you can choose if you want to admit how easy they were.


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