Third Trimester List

I mentioned that lists have been helping me feel a little bit better about the countdown to the baby’s arrival. One of my lists is things to do before he gets here, and it includes the really practical and just stuff I want to make sure I don’t forget before it’s too late:

·         Install the car seat – I know this is a painfully obvious one. Of course you need one, and of course the hospital won’t let you leave without one. But they can be hard to figure out (so I hear) so I want to go get a professional to help us put car seats in both cars and give us time to figure out how to get them in and out while there’s no pressure

·         Order Breast Pump – my insurance covers breast pumps (and under the Affordable Care Act, so should yours!), but I have to wait until 30 weeks to order it.

·         Find Pediatrician – check. Not that this seemed unimportant but when I realized this new doctor sees the baby while you’re still in the hospital it put it as a higher priority. Luckily we’ve found a doctor and a practice close to home that we really like.

·         Wash baby stuff

·         Nice Dinner – Gabe and I want to go to a nice dinner or two before the baby arrives. Who knows how things will get post-baby so we really want to take the time to soak up a good meal. Plus, we’ll be watching the budget a bit closer. Now it’s really narrowing down where we want to go. Hmm…

·         Freezer Meals – Sometime mid-march I want to make some food that can be frozen and easily reheated or put together some meals that can just be dumped in the crockpot. I think this will make the first few weeks a little bit easier, and I’m all over that. This takes some prep work to both find recipes and test them, since I don’t want a freezer full of some meal we hate.

·         Clean the guest bathroom whole apartment – my list originally said guest bathroom and I’m not sure why that was my only concern.

·         Pick birth announcement – One more thing to make life easier on the other side. If we pick the announcement and the wording now all we have to do is take an adorable photo of the baby and go.

·         Coming-home toiletries – For me, not the baby. The fun stuff- pads, sitz spray, nipple cream. Freezing the pads. The kind of thing you want on hand before you need it.

·         Pack hospital bag – I have a whole ‘nother list for this too

·         Schedule savings transfers – I get 8 weeks of leave, but it’s unpaid beyond what I might have stored up in PTO (which is not much). We’ve been putting money in savings pretty regularly and I want to schedule some money to transfer over when we’ll need it most (a little to help with rent, something before paying for baby’s first month of daycare). This won’t be perfect for now and of course I can always go in and do this as needed, but it might help to not have to think about it as much.

Clearly this doesn’t include some major obvious things like “put the crib in the spare bedroom”. I mean pregnancy brain isn’t THAT bad. It’s mostly the little things that I think will help make life easier when I’m only sleep an hour at a time. What do you think, did I miss anything?


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