31 week update

The baby:

He’s gaining about half a pound a week now, which seems crazy! He moves a ton, and I’m thinking he may finally be head down. Or, hoping at the very least.

31 Week Bump


I’m getting up during the night more, but I am also starting get to used it, I think. Some days I feel great and some days are a little more difficult. I have learned I need to drink a TON of water. I even sleep with a bottle of water by my bed now.

And I’m still feeling large. Putting on my shoes is sort of a process now. My belly button looks like it will stay in, but still looks pretty crazy. I have a couple scars from past surgeries and they look a little wild.


We got the crib and dresser from Gabe’s sister this weekend. It’s the same set he had as a baby. The crib is set up and in the nursery, and we took the dresser to our friend’s place for a little makeover. It’s still in the process of drying and getting top coats and such, but I can’ t wait to share pictures when it’s done. Even though babies hardly ever sleep in the crib the first few weeks, it’s still pretty cool to have it up.


I’m also drinking a cup of Red Raspberry Leaf tea a day, and plan on amping it up to 2 soon, and then 2-3 a day by 38 weeks.

My hypnobirthing and relaxation techniques are coming in handy for times when I’m really tired but can’t squeeze in a nap. 5-10 minutes of being calm and relaxed and focusing just on breathing does wonders.

Looking Forward :

My baby shower is just under three weeks away!

I’m also starting to stock up on the things we might need just after baby gets here so we can buy a few things at a time.


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