Baby Dresser Makeover

Gabe’s mom kept a lot of things from when he was a baby. One of them was a dresser. My sister in law used it with her two kids, and now we have it for our baby.

Obviously there’s a lot of sentimental value in this piece of furniture. It’s really sweet. But I won’t lie – it was rather plain. And since I didn’t want to paint the walls in the nursery or anything I decided I wanted to give the dresser a little more personality.

Dresser Before



The color scheme of the nursery is yellow and gray, so my initial thought was to pain it yellow. But then I realized there would be a lot of matchy-matchy, and so I decided if we went with a teal color it would compliment it and still look good.

I also wanted to paint the drawers with chalkboard paint. That way for now we can write on the outside to tell our future sleep deprived selves what each drawer contains, but also when he gets older he can doodle on it. And we don’t have to worry too much about him going crazy on the walls, since it’s just chalk.

I talked with my friend Melanie about this idea, and luckily (since I’d never actually painted a piece of furniture before) this was right up her ally. We took it over to her place and she helped us sand it, wipe it down and put a few coats of paint on it.

It did require quite a bit of sanding, but we also didn’t need a primer coat or anything since we went from a lighter color to a darker color. We used a whole can of the chalkboard spray paint (we picked some up at Home Depot) but we were really thorough with the coats.

The finished product is awesome. I’m so proud of it!

Dresser After


What do you think?


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