Oliver’s Room

Even though we’re having a boy we still went with a neutral yellow/grey color scheme. He’s also unintentionally got a children’s book theme going on also which is pretty cool.


nursery 2


nursery 6


You may remember the dresser from this post. The banner is from my baby shower, and the two blankets on the side of the crib were each made for Oliver – one from his grandmother and one from a friend of ours.

nursery 3


A close up of one of the framed poems, from Where The Sidewalk Ends. The other is “Hug O War”.

Nursery1 nursery 5


A friend made the “Oh The Places You’ll Go” picture. The pram was Gabe’s when he was little – isn’t it neat?! The puffy things hanging from the ceiling were also from my baby shower. I love that we were able to use elements from it to decorate the room.

nursery 4


His book/toy shelf and laundry basket. We’ve already played with the dropcam several times. It’s a video feed that you can watch on your phone or computer, and you can even talk back to the baby. The image is super clear and it has night vision. You can also get alerts on your phone if there’s loud noise or movements.


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