Packing a Hospital Bag

The whole pregnancy I was determined to read as much about everything as I could, so I did a little research on what to pack in my hospital bag. Gabe thought I over packed it, even my sister said “well you seem…very well prepared”. And since I ended up having an emergency c section, it was perfect. Here are some of my hospital bag must haves:

  • Toiletries – Really, everything you can think of. I packed a hairbrush,deodorant, toothbrush, toothpaste, body wash, and shampoo and conditioner. Since I had to wait a couple days to shower, and tack on the time I hadn’t showered before I got to the hospital…well I was funky. And that shower felt amazing, and having my own stuff made it heavenly. I brought this Earth Mama Angel Baby body wash so I didn’t have to worry about something too harsh. I actually tossed in some EMAB body butter too.
  • More toiletries – I also packed dry shampoo and face wipes and this was a good choice. Monday morning,  I could bathe but I felt so gross and these helped a little.
  • Hair ties – bring like 5. I kept losing them, and I have no idea how, but you can’t have too many
  • A robe and nightgown – the night gown was just a nice to have, but I was really glad I packed the bathrobe. They encourage you to walk around, so I wore it while walking around the floor, and when I had visitors, which was nice. The nightgown was a last minute addition, and it just felt so good after I finally showered to be able to wear sometime soft that was not a hospital gown. I picked up something cheap from Target, so I wouldn’t be bummed if it got ruined, and made sure I could slip the front down for breastfeeding.
  • Nursing things – I wore a nursing bra there (my plan), and I also packed some disposable and reusable breast pads, and nipple cream. My hospital gave me some nipple cream so I used that, but I would pack some just in case.
  • A snack bag – It’s true, they only let you have ice chips, so originally this was mostly for Gabe. But it actually turned out to be handy in the days we stayed in the hospital when we wanted a good snack in between meals. I packed some protein bars, beef jerky, almonds, chocolate covered almonds (as a treat for me) and an orange. I’d had this ready to go for a couple weeks prior.
  • Slippers/flip flops – that you won’t mind getting ruined. Just trust me.
  • Baby stuff – None of it’s necessary. We brought a little going home outfit, but the hospital stocked us with plenty of shirts, just in case. And I brought him a blanket, even though the hospital provided plenty of swaddling blankets that we could have taken home. But at least with the blanket, it was nice to have something of our own. However, seriously, the hospital gives you everything you need, so it’s totally up to you. You do need a car seat.
  • Going home clothes – I’d packed sweat pants and a nursing tank top, and then last minute threw a maxi dress in there just in case. This is where packing just in case comes in handy – there was no way I was wearing pants, so that dress was a great addition. So pack for the just in case!
  • Phone charger 
  • Camera

We threw the birthing ball in the car, but we didn’t use it at the hospital at all. We did also bring a small blue tooth speaker that we have, so we could play music in the birthing room.

Honestly, I know it can be a burden to carry around a heavy bag or a bunch of stuff you don’t need, but when things don’t quite go as planned, it’s better to have this stuff on hand. I mean, I might not have needed dry shampoo if I’d had a normal vaginal birth and was able to shower the next day, but that was not case.


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