5-6ish Months

I wrote up a post on Oliver almost exactly at the  5 month mark. And then I forgot to save it. But rather than wait til the 6 month mark and not get a chance to update again, here we go.

2014-08-23 11.44.04 Photo Sep 02, 6 04 50 PM - Copy



I am so lucky to have a very happy baby. He has his moments, of course, but he’s really got a very happy demeanor. We don’t exactly sleep great, so I feel like it all evens out.

We went to Dallas at the beginning of September for a wedding, and that was our first real out of town trip as a family. Oliver did great. The thing about traveling with a baby is all the little things – stopping halfway there so we could feed him, making sure he had a place to sleep in the room, etc. And, of course, waking up at 6AM even if was a “vacation” Saturday, because you can’t give a baby that kind of memo.

Photo Oct 01, 5 51 51 PM - Copy

My favorite thing right now has to be the looks this little guys gives me. Like “mom, I love you and you are the best”. I’m still so tired 99% of the time, but its great.

And, I started a new job. It’s a lot (new baby, new job, who’s life is this?) but it was such a good move and I’m very happy. Gabe also has a new job (see? A lot.) that he loves. So lots of changes in the WK household, but we’re up for the challenge.

2014-09-29 17.00.01

Speaking of changes, we’ve started feeding Oliver “real” food. So far we’ve tried sweet potatoes, apples, banana, peas and carrots. It was so funny to watch him taste it, and also realizing that he had no idea how a spoon works. We’d put it in his mouth and he would try to grab it with both hands, and then suck on it. I mean, that’s what he does with a bottle, so it makes sense but it was funny to watch. He’s starting to get the hang of it.

I make his own baby food, which I might write more about later. It’s a little bit of a process but I think makes it more fun.


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