Best Gifts for New Moms

I have two baby showers in a couple of weekends. I’m so excited! I also faced a little dilemma – do I go off of the registry or do I go a little rogue? Maybe a little of both?

I decided to a little round up. Now, I wouldn’t necessarily call these my baby must haves, but things that in those first few weeks/months are great for mom. Some of these might even make good gifts right after the baby is born.

Gifts for New Moms

Hospital “Kit” – it would be great to get/give a little bag with some face wipes, dry shampoo, hair ties, toothpaste, etc. And maybe a little chocolate to boot.

Anything breast feeding related – probably most significantly nipple cream or breast pads. I know that seems like a weird gift, but I would have welcomed it. Actually, I did get an open but almost full box of breast pads and some milk storage bags. Those were great because I didn’t realize how many storage bags I would need.

And, truthfully, I think things like this say “I support your breastfeeding journey. I get it”. And in those early weeks you need that so much!

Shutterfly Gift Card – I used Shutterfly to make a photo book of Oliver’s Birth and birth announcements. I also just ordered some prints off of there. A gift card would be a great way for a new mom to have just regular prints or some cute things shipped to home (so you don’t have to leave).

Pizza/Take Out Gift Card – I got someone a Domino’s gift card as part of their baby gift a while back, and I’m still happy with what a great idea that was. That way, the new parents don’t have to go anywhere! (and yes, meal drops are amazing, but this doesnt hurt!)

Aden + Anais Swaddle Blankets – Okay, these are a little more conventional, but I love them that much. They are perfect for swaddling, and new babies love a good swaddle. Plus, they are adorable without being overly cutesy ( I know, that’s a weird description, but when everything in your life is suddenly so super baby themed it’s nice). And the material is safer than most because it’s very breathable, helping panicky parents feel safe about wrapping the little bundle up like a burrito.

A light weight bath robe – I bought one while I was pregnant and I loved it. I was glad I brought it to the hospital, so I could throw it over my gown, but it’s also nice in those first few weeks too. You can throw it over whatever your wearing if you have company, or put it on at night when you spend hours in that rocking chair – it is easy to get the front open, after all. I bought because I read a suggestion to put it on over your work clothes in the morning when you have a little one, so spills get on that instead of you, but it’s good wayyy before that too.

Things you cannot have enough of – bath wash, wipes, baby socks, bibs. Things that either don’t have a specific size, get used a lot or are used for a long period of time.

Plain onsies and/or zipper PJs – I don’t know why all PJs dont zip. And plain onsies go with everything. There’s no pressure if your kid poops on it. It’s great.


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