Oliver is Three!

And just like that, I have a three year old!

Once Oliver made the connection between cakes and birthdays, he’s often asked me if it’s his birthday anytime there was a cake. So, on Thursday when he woke up to a bunch of balloons and we told him it was his birthday…he didn’t believe us at first.

Someone is three today! #siroliver

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The timing of Easter this year means he had an Egg Hunt at daycare on his birthday. They made him a little paper hat and sang happy birthday and we ate ice cream before dinner.

On Saturday, we had a party at Old MacDonald’s Farm in Humble and he had a great time feeding the animals and playing with his friends!

The time before his first birthday seemed to move fast and slow at the same time, now it just feels like it’s flying. Oliver is 33 pounds and is the friendliest kid. He love his cousins and his family. He will eat fruit for dinner and do anything for a piece of chocolate- but we don’t have a lot of luck with anything in between.

I expected the Two’s to be Terrible, but they were the opposite – it was actually pretty fun.


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