Training & Fire Inspection

We’ve got a few more updates on our progress! Here’s where we’re at now:

Fire Inspection – We passed! Turns out scheduling a Fire Inspection is way harder than the actual inspection. The Fire Marshall was really nice and the whole thing only took a few minutes.

Training¬†– We have two in-person training/classes under our belt! They’ve actually been really interesting. We’re learning a lot about process, the foster care system, and how to empathize with the children in the system.

We’ve learned some numbers that are just really eye opening – there are over 28,000 kids in foster care in Texas and over 5,000 just in the Houston area.

One thing I’ve liked about the classes that I didn’t expect is that it’s made this feel really “real” and more exciting. Up until now it’s been a lot of paperwork and process stuff, and the classes have started to bring it to life.

We’ve also been really lucky to have friends and family help out with Oliver while we are in class during the week.

What’s next:

Well, we’ve got the classes through the end of April. We also have a couple little things to take care of before we jump into a home study – we have to take pictures of the inside and outside of the house and get a TB test.

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