Training Updates

We only have two more training classes to go! What felt pretty daunting at the beginning of this journey has actually not been so bad. Although some of the training topics have been heavy, I was really worried about all the running around and getting childcare but it’s all worked out so far.

Some of the topics we’ve covered have included grief & loss, sexual abuse prevention, cultural diversity, and¬†discipline/giving your child choices. So, tough topics, but really things any parent could learn about. We’ve also learned a lot about the process and how Foster Care works, along with how thing have changed over the years.

While my awareness of the need for foster parents is part of what brought us down this route, it’s still shocking and sad to hear stories like this in the news. Texas had 65 children in foster care that were sleeping in someone’s office in March because they didn’t have enough beds. I’ve discovered this process will move so much quicker than I thought – originally I thought it might take months to get a placement, and now it seems like it could be weeks once we wrap up the home study because they have a such a big need for homes.

What’s next:

  • Two more classes! We have one that will mostly consist of CPR and First Aid, and then a class about Policies and Procedures to tell us the next steps going forward.
  • Any other paperwork, etc – I know we still need to get TB tests, and take photos of things like our medical lock boxes, and get anything else needed for the Home Study in order
  • Home Study – these are typically completed in 30 days once they open the case, and then we can move to placement. I will share more about what this looks like once we know!

Finger Prints and Fire Extinguishers

We’ve been making good progress on our to-do list, but it’s been interesting – things that seem like they might be pretty easy have almost always included more steps than we thought they would.

Here’s what else we’ve checked off the list:

Finger Prints – I thought this would be like going to a post office really quick or something. Apparently there are actually only a few places that do this. I had to schedule an appointment and go to an H&R block in a strip mall in some neighborhood I was definitely not familiar with. But, the process itself only took about 5 minutes.

2 of 3 Online Trainings – We have 3 online trainings we have to do. Technically we don’t start training until April, but I’m knocking these out now. They sound really intense, but have actually been pretty easy.

Schedule a Fire Inspection – okay so technically the inspection is the item on the checklist, but scheduling it was sort of a challenge. I ended up going to the City Permit Office to finally get it scheduled. We also have to make sure our fire extinguisher is a certain weight, and then get it checked and tagged, before the inspection.

What’s next:

Fire Inspection – the fire marshal will come to our house and make sure the aforementioned fire extinguisher is all good, all the rooms have fire alarms, etc.

Start Training – we start our training in April, and will be attending classes at Depelchin every Tuesday and Thursday. The classes include CPR, discipline and more. We’ll also have homework, I’ve been told.

We also have several other small to-do items, like getting lock boxes for all of our medication and TB tests. You can see our full check list here if you are interested.


Our Next Big Thing

Gabe and I have started the process to adopt a child from CPS care.

Yup. Big news.

It’s also why I wanted to start this again – I started searching for something, another blog that outlined what the process looked like maybe. It was really hard to find. So that’s what I want this to be. A document of the process, and what it looks like for us. I can’t say I’m an expert, obviously, or even that our¬†experience is “normal” but I do want to document what I can.

We’re working with Depelchin, and at the time I’m writing this we’re still really early on in the process. So far we’ve:

  • Attended the orientation/info session
    • This might seem small but it’s a required first step. And, really helpful to understand what’s needed. I (kind of on accident) went to s session on private infant adoption, and there’s a huge difference in the way each of them is done.
  • Turned in our application
    • It was 25 pages long.
    • Along with the application you turn in copies of your license and social security card, floor plan of your house, photo of every room in the house plus the yard, a current photo of everyone in the house, copies of your auto insurance, driving record, paystubs for the last 60 days and your bank statement for the last 60 days.
    • Whew
    • So, that alone could take people quite a while to get together.
  • Had an initial call with Depelchin
    • This was nice, our case manager let us know the application didn’t seem to have any red flags and what our next steps are.
  • Submitted References
    • We each needed 4 references, and they were sent a form to fill out about our parenting capabilities. They’ve all been submitted now!

Next up: Background Checks


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