Online Training & Homework

Tonight we have our CPR class, and Thursday is our last in person class! But today, I thought I would write more about the online training and homework we needed to do.

Online Training:

There are three online “courses” that we each had to complete. There isn’t a hard deadline on these other than before everything is finalized, but I wanted to get them done before we started our in-person classes, so that’s the deadline I gave myself. Honestly, they aren’t that time consuming or difficult. Basically you read through a variety of slides on each topic and then take a multiple choice test. You can print everything out so you have a guide while you take the test. They’re also available on the DFPS website so if you want to get a sense of what they’re like, you can:

Those titles pretty much sum up what each training is about. It’s pretty straightforward, no frills and you go at your own pace. Honestly, they seem much more intense than they actually are.


Our first day of classes we were handed a pretty large packet of “Homework”. It isn’t really traditional style homework where it’s based of questions in the class, it’s more of a reflection on your family, parenting and discipline styles and what your family has to offer. In a way there are almost no “wrong” answers (except questions about spanking, that answer is always no). You have until the end of class to turn it in.

Online training for Foster Parents